How To Make Makeup Brush Cleaning Solutions

Your makeup brush is an important part of your makeup regimen. You do want to be sure you do your best to keep it as clean as possible. A makeup brush that gets dirty can lead to clogged pores and acne. Therefore, cleaning your brush is very important to the health and well-being of your skin. This article will provide you with some ways you can keep your brush clean without using store bought cleaners.

 Use shampoo to clean your makeup brush

You can wash your makeup brush in a cup of hot water and a few drops of shampoo. The shampoo will wash the powders out of the brush and remove the oils. Makes sure you rinse the brush out completely and set it on a clean paper towel to dry. If you want to speed up the drying process, you can use a blow dryer to help it along.

Note: This method is great for cleaning your brush regularly. However, to truly disinfect it, you are going to want to go with a bit of a more serious solution, such as the one detailed below.

Make a good solution to disinfect your makeup brush

You can make your own solution that works just as well as those expensive brush cleaners sold in the store. In fact, this mixture will be better for your skin which makes it even better than the store bought ones and it's more cost effective.

The first thing you will do is to pour a bit of mild dish soap on a saucer. Add in about half the same amount of extra virgin olive oil. Stir the solution with your makeup brush to get the solution in it. Dab and wipe the brush on the palm of your hand to work the solution in well. Leave the makeup brush to set for a couple minutes to give the solution time to work.

Run the brush under hot water and work all the solution out of it. Dab it on a paper towel then leave it to dry. For quicker drying, you can continuously rub the brush back and forth on your hand to remove more water from it.

You want to be sure you don't use the makeup brush until it is completely dry. The above methods can be used as makeup brush cleaner all different types of brushes including the ones you use on your entire face, your cheeks and even your eye lids.