3 Benefits Of Natural Mineral Makeup

The number of cosmetic options available to women who wear makeup is almost overwhelming. There is so much to choose from, and it's difficult to assess the benefits of a certain type of makeup if you haven't yet tried it. In recent years, however, natural mineral makeup has become renowned simply through word of mouth for the benefits it offers over more traditional cosmetics. If you have yet to try natural mineral makeup, keep reading below and consider three of the benefits it offers.

Great for Those with Sensitive Skin

Women who have extremely sensitive skin may find that there are few cosmetic options available to them that don't result in some kind of allergic reaction. Thankfully, natural mineral makeup provides an alternative. Rather than use perfumes and chemical dyes so often used by traditional cosmetics, mineral makeup uses entirely organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin. In fact, zinc oxide - one of the primary ingredients in calamine lotion used to help relieve itchiness caused by rashes - is also used abundantly in many natural mineral cosmetics. This will help sensitive skin from becoming irritated and having to put on even more makeup in order to conceal allergic reactions. 

Helping to Prevent Breakouts

While there is no evidence to suggest that natural mineral makeup actually clears up existing acne breakouts, it can certainly help to prevent them from happening in the first place. Many women apply multiple layers of moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup each morning, and while all of these products have their respective uses, used together they often increase the chances of facial pores becoming clogged. Using natural mineral makeup reduces the chance that facial pores will become clogged, and in so doing reduces the likelihood that you'll wake up in the morning with a cluster of unpleasant zits.

Exuding a Completely Natural Finish

The benefits of natural mineral makeup aren't just limited to preventing breakouts and irritation - it also looks great. One of the main complaints often heard from women who frequently wear makeup is that, well, it feels like makeup. Traditional cosmetics can feel heavy on the face and result in a look that many feel is too artificial. But with natural mineral makeup, you can achieve the opposite - a light feeling and totally natural appearance that doesn't look to everybody else like you spent hours in front of the mirror that morning.

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