3 Easy Steps For Achieving Flawless Nails

Do you want to have flawless nails that look like you went to the salon to get them done? You may not have the funds available to splurge on getting your nails done, but that does not mean you cannot make them look beautiful. In fact, there are a few steps you can take to make them look just as good as they would look if you were to see a professional to have them trimmed, filed, and painted.

Step 1: File and Trim

Before you start the painting process, you want to make sure your nails are all even. They tend to become uneven if you are biting on them or if some nails have managed to break and others have not. You should start by trimming them down with clippers to make them as even as possible.

Trimming will reduce the amount of time you spend filing. Once you have finished trimming each nail, make sure they are dry before you start to use a 300 grit file to buff them and shape them the way you want them. As soon as you start filing in a specific direction, make sure to stick with that direction.

Step 2: Prepare For the Paint

When you paint your nails, do you always end up getting some of the color on your skin? If so, you can make things easier by doing one of two things. You can either place tape on both sides of each nail to catch the paint so that it does not land on your skin or, if you do not have any tape available, simply apply some petroleum jelly directly on the skin so that you will be able to remove any paint in a flash by simply wiping it right off with a damp hand towel.

Step 3: Use Tape to Create a Neat Design

Choose the color of the polish you would like to use. If you are looking for something dark yet beautiful, the Desert Night Sky polish is a great choice. It is dark blue with a bit of a shimmer. Instead of painting directly over each nail, you can use tape to create unique designs.

You could place a piece of tape horizontally on your nail so that it is covering the bottom half of the nail but leaving the top of it exposed. Paint the top section with the Desert Night Sky polish, wait for it to dry and then paint the bottom section that you previously covered with tape using a different color. You would have an awesome two-tone design. You can mess around with the tape to create different designs and patterns as well.

If you would like your nails to look amazing, but you simply cannot afford to spend money at the salon to have them done, you can always try the do-it-yourself option. Make sure to trim and file before painting. As long as you take your time, the results should look outstanding.