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3 Health Benefits Of Shilajit

Today, people are always looking for different ways to add to their health outside of the traditional methods. One way people do this is by stocking their medicine cabinets with new and interesting supplements. Shilajit is one such supplement that has become popular, due to the many health advantages that you can enjoy by taking it. It is found in the mountains of Asia and is typically sold in the form of a powder at many herb stores. Read More 

Guy-Liner: All About Eyeliner For Men

While women have traditionally been the ones to wear makeup, it's recently become trendy for men to wear a touch of eyeliner to bring out their eyes. If you're interested in trying out the guy-liner trend for yourself, this guide will tell you all about how you can make your eyes pop with a little liner. Famous Fellas That Are Sporting Eyeliner When it comes to men wearing eyeliner, one of the first images that may come to mind is Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Read More 

Are You Ready For Professional Advice About Your Melasma?

If you suffer from Melasma, you have probably already tried a variety of different cosmetics and creams, but have not gotten the results you need yet. Unfortunately, its symptoms include patches of brown and gray that frequently appear on the face of its sufferers. It is a problem for more women than men, and is often triggered by the normal hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy.  Even worse, the medical field reports that it cannot be cured, only managed or treated. Read More